Urgent Credit Needs Campaigns With Appropriate Interest Rates

Emergency loan requirement campaigns with appropriate interest rates. In our previous article, we started to introduce the last consumer loan campaigns organized by Lite Lender Bank. In today’s article, we will try to explain the mortgage loan, vehicle loan, motorcycle and boat loan campaigns, with the appropriate interest rates of the same bank.

Housing Loan The loan term is applied for a maximum of 120 months. Credits up to 80% of the appraisal value of the house that is considered to be purchased can be made. However, the house to be purchased. If additional housing coverage is taken up to the full appraisal value, this rate can be increased by 801%. The installment payments for the housing loan can be made at the periods and amounts you set, and there is an interim payment opportunity. You can pay for the used housing loan prematurely and close the loan. The maximum age at the end of maturity of the borrower must be 70. At the same time, two individuals can request housing loans together to take advantage of investment opportunities.

Allocation fee, appraisal fee, mortgage facility fee and annual TCIP premium costs are applied.

money loan

Housing insurance and life insurance can be requested voluntarily. Documents required for the borrower and the guarantor, if any, for the mortgage loan application; Copy of identity card, income document, invoice for a service that requires a subscription, copy of the title deed of the house that is considered to be purchased. For the loan application, all of the documents in question are required for “Borrower” and “Guarantor”, if any, and the originals of these documents must be submitted during the application.

Thanks to the bank’s “Mortgage Expert” service in relation to the housing loan, you have the opportunity to deal with any financial, legal or tax questions.

Lite Lender emergency loan needs campaigns with appropriate interest rates

Transport Credit;
You can apply for second-hand vehicles up to ten years and zero kilometers for vehicle loan. The term is determined to be at most 48 months. There is a file expense in the vehicle loan campaign and it is preferred to have a motor vehicle insurance from Lite Lender bank

You can visit the nearest Lite Lender branch for application.

For the vehicle loan application, the necessary documents listed below are 0 Km. For vehicles, you need to add a price offer (proforma invoice) from the company where you will buy the vehicle, vehicle license for the original invoice and second-hand vehicles , and a notary purchase agreement arranged in the notary public for vehicles purchased no more than 15 days ago. For those who are planning to buy vehicles, you can get information from Ford Finans about Ford Options vehicle loans, which were implemented in cooperation with Lite Lender Bank and Ford Otosan.

Motorcycle Loan It is a type of personal loan that you can use for up to 36 months term for motorcycles that you plan to purchase as zero kilometers or second hand. With the Flexible Reimbursement Model, you can create a reimbursement plan that you can determine based on your payment power. You can apply for up to 50% of the price of the motorcycle you will buy as zero kilometers, including VAT + SCT, and up to one year for motorcycles that you will buy as a second hand.

When your budget is available, you can make loan interim payments, pay your installments by placing an Automatic Payment Order, or through Lite Lender Telephone Banking, Lite Lender Internet Branch and Lite Lender ATMs.

Following your application, your loan application is finalized within 24 hours.

For the vehicle loan application, the required documents listed below include the firm’s price offer (proforma invoice) and original invoice for motorcycles “0” km, a vehicle license for second-hand motorcycles and a notary purchase agreement arranged for notary vehicles 15 days ago . You must Boat loan has a little more features. TL. While no collateral is required until 30.000.- TL. Up to 100,000. Bail or deposit or security pledge, bail can be used against Real Estate mortgage. If it is registered to the ship registry for commercial uses, it can be used with ship mortgage.

After approving the loan, choosing the one that is suitable for you from Flexible Repayment Models;

– You can make your installment payments in the periods and amounts available,
– You can increase or decrease your installment amount gradually according to the suitability of your budget.
– You can reduce the amount of your remaining installments by making an interim payment.
– You can close your credit by paying the rest of your credit debt before the specified time.

For the boat loan application, the following documents must be added to the required documents listed below;

Notarized Signature Circular
– Personal real estate and vehicle license photocopies
– Invoice of the product for new boat purchases
– In the purchase of second hand boats, the sales document and new license issued before the port authority will be taken as basis.

It is a type of loan that allows you to withdraw money directly, perform automatic bill payment order from your account, and continue shopping with your World Bank Card.

It is a loan that you can apply when you need urgent money.

If you do not use your Flexible Account limit, which you can apply from the bank’s individual internet branch, you will not pay interest. If you make use, the interest payment will be calculated on the day and amount used.